5 Causes Of Pest Infestation In Commercial Buildings


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One of the biggest challenges that a commercial property owner will have is keeping pests out of their property. Pest infestations can be very damaging and frustrating. To keep pests out, you need to understand what the most common causes of the infestations are. There are five primary causes to consider.

Tree Branches

One of the common causes of a pest infestation in a commercial building is tree branches touching the roof or side of the building. When you have a tree branch that is directly touching or very close to the roof of the building, it’s very easy for a pest to jump from the branch to the roof. These pests may decide that the building is a great home and form a nest. Because of this, keeping branches trim and away from your building is very important.

Siding Touches Soil

Another way that pests can get into your property is if your siding is in contact with the bare soil. Termites and other bugs can climb from the soil right onto the siding. They can then make their way through your entire building and do some serious damage. By placing a barrier at least one foot high off of the ground, you can help solve this problem.

Problems Go Untreated

Another reason why infestations form or escalate is that warning signs are ignored. If you or a tenant notice that there is a small infestation of bugs or rodents, it is important that you act immediately. While this could be an isolated incident, there is always the chance that a small infestation could grow into a more severe one. Ignoring even a small sign could end up costing you a lot of money.

Items Brought Inside

If you have items that you store outside during times of the year and then bring them inside, you could inadvertently be bringing an infestation into your property. If your commercial building has items that are stored outside, you need to make sure they are properly disinfected before bringing them inside.

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While gutters are important for protecting roof structure and draining water, they also can cause a lot of problems if they are not adequately maintained. Making sure that your gutters are cleared out regularly can go a long way in preventing infestations from forming.

Since infestations can cause a lot of trouble, it is important to react right away. Calling a professional to handle a pest problem could save you a lot of money.


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