Get the Scoop, Don’t Be Confused! (Termites vs. Carpenter Ants)


Now that it’s summer, both Termites and Carpenter Ants have come out of hiding to menace homes across the nation. These two insects are not one and the same though; it is true that both Carpenter Ants and Termites swarm and are similar in size, but it’s extremely important to know the difference when it comes to the safety of your home.


So first off, let’s differentiate the two species:

Ants have elbow antennas, unequal wing sizes and a slender waist, while termites have straight antennas, equal wing sizes, and a broad waist. Carpenter ants also nest outside and awake from hibernation during the warm spring and summer months, looking to complete their nature driven life cycles. Termites on the other hand do not hibernate. They survive winter months by hiding in the ground, wall foundation, or slabs in centrally heated homes and buildings. Carpenter Ants and Termites both lose their wings after they swarm in the spring and early summer months, but Carpenter Ant swarms are much smaller than Termite swarms. Termite swarms number in the thousands, while Carpenter Ant swarms number in the hundreds.


Now that we’ve discerned between Carpenter Ants and Termites, why is it important to know the difference? Carpenter ants and Termites require varying treatments because of the kinds of damage each make on the home. Carpenter Ants dig into wood in your homes to nest, while Termites feed off of the wood. Carpenter Ants also seek out damaged or moist wood, while Termites will eat through healthy constructions.


Now if you see either of these in your home, immediately call the local and friendly professionals at 855bugs.com to help save and protect your home from anymore damage.


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