How to Get Rid of (and Prevent) Persistent Pantry Pests


There’s nothing worse than opening up your pantry to be met with the unsightly vision of scurrying little bugs coming out of your favorite cereal. Pantry pests are a common problem in most households. However, there are easy ways to not only get rid of pests but to prevent them from taking up residence in your pantry in the future.

First, Call in a Pro

The only surefire way to really get rid of a pantry pest infestation is by hiring a pest control pro. One reason why is because there is a wide variety of different pests that may be causing your problems. Anything from moths to beetles to roaches can sneak their way into your pantry, and each needs a different strategy to get rid of it. A pest control pro how to eradicate infestations in safe and effective ways. The other benefit of calling in a pro is that while you can try and solve the problem yourself, you may be dealing with pests for months when a pro can get rid of them quickly.

Give Your Cabinets a Good Cleanout

After you’ve finally dealt with the infestation, then it’s time to make sure that you prevent any possible future pests from hanging out in your panty. The best way to prevent bugs is to give your cabinets a good, thorough cleanout. You can start with vacuuming out every single crumb in your cabinets and then wiping them down with cleaning supplies. Be careful because you can accidentally damage your cabinetry if you don’t clean them the right way. Make sure that you choose cleaning products that are safe for the cabinet materials you have.

Store Your Food Properly

The worst thing you can do is store the food in your pantry in the original cardboard boxes that products come in. Cardboard attracts pests, and it can also be chewed through rather easily. Pests can also make their way into loosely sealed plastic bags and mesh-like bags. To prevent bugs, you will want to transfer all of your food, especially cereals, grains, and wheat products, into air-tight containers that are metal, plastic or glass. That way, you eliminate the pest’s food source so that they will have to go look elsewhere for an easy snack. Also, be sure to really inspect your food and boxes before you buy them so that you’re not accidentally bringing pests into your pantry.

Hiring a pro, cleaning your cabinets, and storing your food properly can help you keep your pantry pest-free. Enjoy your kitchen the way it’s supposed to be!

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