How To Keep Your Workshop Pest-free


If you have a workshop in your home in Texas, then it is essential to keep it pest-free so that your expensive tools and building materials are not damaged by insects or rodents. Here are a few easy ways to keep mice, ants, and termites from invading your workshop.

Keep Your Workshop Organized

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A messy workshop that is cluttered with sawdust or tools is an invitation for carpenter ants, rats or termites. Have storage systems in your workshop to keep valuable tools such as saws and hammers protected from wood-chewing vermin. In addition, use shelving systems to store wooden planks and other cellulose materials. You may want to have pegboards on the workshop’s walls to hold some types of tools.

Seal the Holes and Cracks In Your Workshop

Mice can enter through tiny holes or crevices, so you must use liquid caulking to seal any openings in your workshop. In addition, you can find adhesive insulation to wrap around door frames to keep pests from invading your home’s workshop. Walk around the inside and outside of a workshop to find any crevices or holes where pests can enter.

Have Covered Wastebaskets For Food and Beverage Trash

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Don’t leave beverage cans and food wrappers in your workshop unless you place the items in a covered wastebasket. Rodents and cockroaches are able to smell food, especially when it begins to spoil. Have a sink in your workshop to rinse out beverage containers, and put trash in a wastebasket that has a lid. Make sure to empty the wastebaskets in your workshop frequently to keep it pest-free.

Capture Rodents With Traps

If you are worried about invading rodents, then use electric or traditional mouse traps in your workshop. You should place these types of traps next to a workshop’s baseboards, countertops or any area where you have noticed urine trails or mouse droppings. It is easy to place bait inside mouse traps, even electric mouse traps. When the rodents enter your workshop, the vermin are eliminated instantly. You can also use mouse traps outside a workshop, but make sure to place them away from family pets or children.

What Else Can You Do?

When you continue to have problems with pests in your Texas workshop, you should contact a professional exterminator for assistance. It is possible to have a nesting location inside or outside a workshop where rodents or insects are able to breed a new generation of pests.

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