Wildlife and Rodents have no place in your home.

Keep them out of your trash, walls, attic, and more!
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Raccoons, skunks, armadillos, foxes, squirrels, opossums, and moles can cause quite a bit of damage to your home and/or property.

These critters can definitely find a way into your trash, the walls or attic of your home, and sometimes even into your living spaces!

If you start hearing spooky sounds in your walls or attic that aren’t related to Halloween, your home and health may be at risk.


Some signs that you may have a rodent or wildlife problem are:

  • Sounds in the walls and attic
  • Droppings
  • Damage in drywall, wood, or chewed wires
  • Smudges along baseboards
  • Odors of urine or “dead smells”


Outside of your home, potential wildlife risks include Armadillos burrowing under foundations and driveways, Moles tunneling throughout your lawn, and Raccoons rummaging through your trashcans.

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