Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me!


A couple days ago I went a visited with some of my friends who live down the street, and I ran into an unpleasant surprise upon entry into their home: flies. So Many. Flies.

Prior to this incident, I had no idea that homes were capable of having fly invasions. My friends obviously didn’t either, and were extremely flustered with the fly swarming all around the house. My friends, knowing I work for 855bugs.com, asked me for more information about why flies nest in homes. I figured if I didn’t know the answer, then it was time to do some digging for all of those trying to prevent a summer fly infiltration in their home this summer.

First off, there are multiple different species of flies, but the most common are fruit flies and houseflies.


Fruit Flies: No Fruit Required

Fruit flies are flies that a fourth of an inch long, red-eyed flies that are commonly found around rotting fruits and vegetables. These flies can breed in any wet, most, decomposing organic matter. What kind of spaces does that describe in the home? Places such as dirty sinks, full trashcans and sticky floors.


Houseflies: The Commonality

Houseflies are the most common flies around the world. Houseflies are small and a brownish-grey color. They’re typically found in places where animals and humans dwell…so anywhere. The biggest issue with houseflies is their ability to multiply fast. A female fly can lay 150 eggs at a time in 5-6 day intervals. These flies lay their larvae in the same places as houseflies, but because of their short breeding cycles they can be peskier in population size than Fruit Flies.


Now that the facts are in, the real question is how do we get rid of the fly colonization?

To rid your house of a fly infestation, you must sanitize and remove all breeding sites. This is important because not only are you ridding your house of all potential new larvae, but also from all the possible dangerous diseases that flies transmit around the home through defecating on all food and surfaces they land on. Also, minimize chance of flies entering by keeping windows without screens closed, and by not leaving doors and windows open. Sometimes infestations are too large to control without professional help, which was the case of my friends down the street. After their third round of self-treatment, they called wonderfully friendly people at 855bugs.com. Our favorite bug people came in and saved their house from their miserable fly take over, and they can do the same for your home too.

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