Everything is bigger in Texas—even the snakes! Not to incite panic or scare the squeamish, but Texas is home to over 100 types of snakes. In fact, out of the five families of snakes found in North America, Texas is home to four. The only family we’re missing is boas (celebrate or lament that fact as you will). Only a handful of of these slithering animals pose a threat to humans. The most common of these is the Coral snake, the Copperhead, Cottonmouths (or water moccasins), and finally the famous Rattlesnake. Although our first inclination may be to eradicate every snake we see, snakes are an important part of our ecosystem and help keep other pests in check. These animals are rarely a threat, but can pose a risk when they begin to make their homes too close to yours. Typically the safest thing to do when you see a snake is to give it room and let it go about it’s business. Most snake bites occur when snakes are either surprised or cornered, and many happen when people attempt to handle these elusive creatures. The best way to prevent snakes from becoming a nuisance is to eliminate the kinds of environments they’re attracted to. This includes piles of debris, heavy vegetation, crawlspaces, and any gaps or cracks on the exterior of your home. If you find yourself needing help with these slithering animals, give the pros at 855Bugs a call. We can help make sure snakes stay away from the people and pets that matter most to you.


**Photo courtesy of Matt Reinbold.

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