August is upon us and so are bed bugs

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Summer is finally here! You can’t go wrong with sun, snowcones, swimming, and late-night star-gazing during a Texas summer! Summer is one of the greatest times in the Lone Star state. However, August not only brings peak fun but peak bed bugs too. Keep on reading to learn all things bed bugs and how you can fend them off this August! 

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects that typically prey at night. These pests are generally small and brown, which makes them hard to see in the dark. Furthermore, their physical appearance lacks uniqueness, so they can easily get confused with a myriad of other pests. The only things that set these critters apart from most other pests are the horizontal lines on their backs.

The easiest way to identify a bed bug is by the habitat in which you find them. As the name implies, bed bugs typically thrive in mattresses or fabrics. These pests tend to nest in the folds and layers of clothes or even the sheets on your bed. When looking for bed bugs, it’s best to not only look through your bedding but throughout rugs and carpets too! Nothing is off limits.

Why is August peak bed bug season?

You may find it odd that peak bed bug season is in August, especially since it has nothing to do with the heat. However, this peak season makes more sense when you think about how much traveling is done throughout the summer months! These pests are attracted to movement and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The more you travel, the more likely you are to bring an unwanted friend home with you! 

Watch out for bed bugs when traveling.

About 63% of adults in the United States planned to travel this summer alone! That’s about two-thirds of our entire country. Think about all that traveling entails: first you have to pack your clothes. Then, you take your whole suitcase through an airport filled with thousands of people. After that, your bag is on an airplane surrounded by millions of other bags, filled to the brim with clothing. Finally, you get to your destination and are likely staying in a rented room, with sheets that have been slept in by total strangers. Not that we want to cause any alarm, but that offers millions of opportunities for teeny bed bugs to nest. Who knows what is on the airplane with you, or who might’ve slept in your hotel room before you did? The possibilities are endless, and the likelihood of you bringing bed bugs home is higher than you might think. 

College students, check for bed bugs in new dorm rooms.

Another factor you might not have thought of is all the college kids moving back home. In most instances, college dorms can be just a little run-down. Sometimes the buildings are so old that the structure is beginning to compromise. Maybe there’s a crack in between the window and the wall. Or, maybe some of the roof shingles have fallen off, leaving the attic exposed. Either way, these bugs could easily find their way through to your child’s dorm room without you, or them, knowing. 

Movement is key in terms of bed bugs. Yes, these pests enjoy the warmer months. However, they are indoor bugs, so they are just as active all year round. The warmth isn’t what makes them thrive in the summer–it’s the constant travel that they love! 

Where do I go from here?

So, where do you go from here? In terms of avoiding bed bugs, the best thing you can do is just to stay observant. If you are doing any traveling this summer, take your clothes immediately to the wash when you get home. Have your college students do the same with their clothes and bedding. If you haven’t traveled at all recently and you still have bed bugs, it might be from piled-up laundry or damp towels left about. The best thing you can do to avoid bed bugs is to stay on top of all your laundry and to change your sheets regularly. 

If you are still fighting the battle against bed bugs, schedule a free inspection today! Your summer fun should not be put to bed simply because you have a few tiny bugs in your path! Let us help you keep your summer dream alive! 

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