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About 855bugs.com Pest Control Services

We protect your family & home from pests.

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You know the feeling of panic you experience when you see a pest crawling in the middle of your living room floor? We want to protect you from that. Not just because bugs are gross or scary, but because when you see an unwanted pests in or around your home you also imagine the potential diseases they carry.

Our top priority is protecting your family and the property you call home from unwanted pests!

To do that, we’ve assembled a staff of professional State Certified Applicators and Licensed Technicians who are experienced with a variety of pests problems. We care about what we do and we strive to always bring our best treatments and ideas to solve your pest problems. Our mission is to exceed your expectations, providing service in an effective and environmentally responsible manner. That’s why more than 16,000 home owners have chosen 855bugs.com to protect their home! And, we would like to protect your home too.

In the end, you feel like a protective home owner in control of your home and your family’s safety!

What to Expect During the Inspection Process

The purpose of our free inspection is to:

  • identify evidence of pests
  • determine the appropriate solution
  • provide an accurate estimate

Our licensed technicians will speak with you about your concerns and thoroughly investigate the problem.

Your technician will search for breeding locations and conditions that are conducive to your pest problem. Following our free inspection, we will give you our recommendations and an estimate to solve your pest problem—both short-term and long-term.

TIP: If your pest professional (855bugs.com or otherwise) is not carrying a flashlight for the inspection, then turn them away.

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Protect the Environment

There’s a balance between extracting those pests from overrunning your home and putting your family and the environment at risk. We err to the side of health for humans, animals and habitat.

Protecting the earth – land, sea, and air – is a shared responsibility, and one that we do not take lightly. As stewards, we will protect the environment for our future generations to enjoy.

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The Pest Free Project

No one should have to live with pests in their home simply because they are unable to pay for the service. The Pest Free Project is the answer to this problem for many families. We partner with those in need to eliminate their pest problem and teach prevention methods so they can avoid pests in the future!

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