Ticks and Chiggers are both common in Texas, and you can find both of them in similar environments. Chiggers like warm, wet, growing grass. They’re incredibly small and can be incredibly frustrating once they’ve found their way onto your legs. Although they don’t carry any diseases, the irritation they cause is case enough to do everything in your power to prevent them from landing on you again. 

Ticks are more menacing. They carry diseases that can afflict us as well as our pets. The most common ticks you’ll find in Texas are the deer tick, the lone star tick or turkey tick, the American dog tick, and the brown dog tick. Each of these ticks are potential disease vectors, with Lyme disease being the most prevalent and serious. Each year a few hundred people in Texas are stricken with this tick borne disease. The best way to avoid ticks and chiggers is to keep grass well mowed, prevent piles of leaves, wood, or other materials, and maintain distances between your homes foundation and growing plants or grass. Treatments are available, and our team at 855Bugs would be happy to discuss them with you, as well as provide a free inspection of your property. Give us a call today to find out more about our Don’t Bug Me Plan and to schedule your inspection.

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