Pill Bugs. Rollie Pollies. If there’s a cute landlocked crustacean, this is it. Matter of fact, this is the only crustacean that’s been able to adapt to living on land. Although this pest pales in comparison to many of the others we face here in Texas, it can still be frustrating to wakeup to a handful of them sprawling around an entry point of your home. These bugs are as harmless as bugs come, as they don’t spread disease or bite (although they are still susceptible to carrying bacteria as they travel). These crawling circles need moisture, and won’t survive more than a few days without it. If you find yourself inundated with pillbugs for a prolonged amount of time you should look to eliminate any points of moisture around your property, starting with areas around your home and moving outward. Here at 855Bugs, we know how to keep pests from showing up, and how to exterminate them when they do. Give us a call today to schedule a free inspection and find out more about our Don’t Bug Me Plan.

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