The German Cockroach. Blatella Germanica. These roaches like our kitchens. Our bathrooms. Anywhere they can find moisture, food, and relative warmth. These roaches are more likely than their American counterpart to invade the places we consider our own. This roach isn’t a picky eater, dining on everything from pantry staples and paper to garbage and excrement. These little disease vectors are often as unnerving as they are unwelcome and can quickly overtake areas of a home. One female German Cockroach can generate more than 30,000 roaches in a calendar year, so it’s imperative that you act quickly when you spot these pests in your home. Here at 855Bugs, we have the experience and equipment necessary to not only remove these pests, but to keep them from coming back. Contact us today to learn more about services like our Don’t Bug Me Plan and to schedule a free inspection!


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