Ants aren’t hard to find in Central Texas. At 855Bugs we’ve been dealing with them for decades, and we can help you get rid of them when they wear out their welcome in your home and on your property. Below you’ll find information about the most common ants in our area, as well as how we can help you remedy your ant problem with the ant pest control Waco, TX and surrounding areas trust most.


Living in Texas, fire ants and their bites are all familiar to us. Any outdoor activity leaves you vulnerable to coming across a fire ant pile, whether you’re in your well-manicured yard, out on the golf course, hiking with friends, or on a picnic in the city park. These violent little guys, ranging in size from 1/16′ to 1/4″, give a painful sting when they bite you, resulting in a white pustule on the skin. In Texas, the population of fire ants is increasing at a high pace. Give 855Bugs a call for fire ant treatment that is effective and guaranteed!


While carpenter ants are not as destructive as termites, they are still a nuisance that you certainly don’t want to make your home a home! Carpenter ants are responsible for annual damage of hundreds of millions of dollars. Attracted to moisture, these pests tunnel into weakened or rotted wood. These ants can cause significant structural harm if undetected for long periods of time. If you believe that your property has carpenter ants in or around you, give 855Bugs a call immediately for a free inspection!


Black ants look exactly as their name implies. Tiny with a shiny black shell. These are the ants that you’ll regularly see feeding on dead insects. Little black ants tend to build their nests outdoors, but when searching for heat or moisture, they can easily find their way indoors. If you see signs of small black ants in your home, this is most likely due to exposed or unsealed sources of food. 855Bugs provides free inspections to help you determine the cause of these ants, their entry points into your home, and a clear course of action for getting rid of black ants.


Commonly referred to as “grease ants,” these are ants you most commonly see indoors in Texas. About 1.5mm to 2.2mm in length, they are light tan to reddish. While they may not sting like a fire ant or cause structural damage like carpenter ants, they are certainly pesky and hard to get rid of on your own. These guys make their homes primarily indoors and are drawn to greasy, protein-rich food. If you’re looking to get rid of “grease ants” once and for all, give 855Bugs a call for the best ant pest control Belton, TX has to offer.


While there are many more species of ants native to Texas, these are some of the most commonly seen. With any ant species, there are a few things you can do as a property owner to make your property less desirable for ants to set up shop. Ants nest near water sources. It is imperative to get rid of any standing water or other areas prone to moisture. Keep gutters cleaned out. Indoors, keep food and food trash stored properly or disposed of properly. However, if ants have already invaded your home or property, call 855Bugs for a free inspection and to get a treatment plan set in place. After 855Bugs treats your home or property, if you are still seeing signs of ants after 7-10 days, we will come back for a no cost follow up visit. *According to the Pulitzer-prize winning book The Antsby researchers Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson.