The American Cockroach. The word cucaracha was derived from the word cacarucha—spanish for something close to excrement. Most would find the name fitting, as few insects and even fewer animals are so quick to unsettle us as the American Roach. Captain John Smith of Jamestown fame wrote in his histories about the pests of new world, describing “musketas, flies, and cacrootchs.” Some things never change. 

Significantly larger and usually lighter colored than its German counterpart, American Roaches tend to prefer the great outdoors and are less likely to set up shop in your home. When you do find them indoors, they’re typically on a mission for food or temporary shelter from inclement weather, and are less likely to colonize your spaces than the smaller German stock. With that said, any place that is moist and dark (such as basements and garages) can be hospitable to this pest. Routine treatments and tidiness are usually all it takes to keep these big American Roaches at bay, but if you find yourself suffering from an infestation (and it can happen to any of us), we have the tools and knowledge needed to remove them from your home—and to keep them out. Contact us to learn about our Don’t Bug Me Plan and to schedule an appointment today!

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