Earwigs. Unsettling as the name may be, these wiggling bugs do not, in fact, look to crawl or wiggle into the ears of unsuspecting humans (although there have been recorded cases over the years). They cannot burrow into your brain and prefer spaces full of rotting moist wood to our ear canals. Even when they’re not finding their way into our ears and nightmares, this wiggler can become a nuisance. These bugs do travel on the ground and can carry bacteria associated with the places they go. These little bugs prefer cool, wet areas and can become serious garden problems. They also can be indicative of larger problems when found in the home, from water damage to carpenter ants and termites. The best way to prevent earwigs and many other unwelcome insects is to make sure to reduce moisture points around your property, sealing gaps in your exterior walls and foundation. It’s a good practice to keep vegetation around your home trimmed back and keep piles of wood, compost, or other organic material a good distance from your living quarters. If you find yourself a victim of any of the pests mentioned here, you can depend on us here at 855Bugs to handle the problem and prevent future issues from arising. Contact us today for a free inspection. We’ll be glad to help you live a life free from Earwig worry.


**Photo courtesy of Wes.

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