Damage Caused By Rodents

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What kind of damage can rodents cause?

Rodents are one of the most destructive species known to man. Did you know that rats alone cause up to $20 billion in damages in the United States yearly? Though rodents seem small and inconsequential, they are obviously incredibly destructive. “Rodent” is an umbrella term for a vast number of mammals. These mammals include, but are not limited to, rats, beavers, squirrels, and rabbits! All of these pesky animals can cause damage to your property, so it is important to be aware of their habits. By educating yourself on the rodent family, you can save yourself tons of money on repairs! 

How can rodents damage your property?

Depending on the species, rodents can cause extreme damage to your yard or garden. Rodents will scavenge for any type of food, and they’ll destroy anything in their wake. So, any vegetation or gardening in your yard is in danger. Put simply, your yard and garden can become a rodent buffet.

As if the vegetative damage isn’t enough, rodents can also harm your pets. Bigger pets, like dogs, are not in much danger because they are often larger than most rodents. However, cats could be in danger of a rodent attack. If a rodent feels there is a competitor for their food, then it will protect it at all costs. So, if your cat runs into an uninvited friend, there is potential for a fight. It is not only important to keep rodents from your yard for your garden’s sake, but for your pets’ too! 

How can you keep them out of your yard?

Rodents are attracted to pet scents, bird feeders, and even grills. So, the easiest way to repel rodents is by picking up after yourself and your pets. You could deter rodents by simply picking up your pet’s waste, keeping pet food sealed, and cleaning your grill. These efforts take time out of the day, but your property will be safer and better maintained in the long run. 

How do rodents hurt the structural integrity of your home?

If you thought the closest a rodent would come is into your yard, you are sadly mistaken. A rodent has no qualms about being an uninvited house guest. You may ask yourself how a rodent might enter your home, and the answer is simple: a rodent will enter your home through any means necessary. Even if you think your home is secure, it probably isn’t. The easiest way for a rodent to get in is by finding an exterior vulnerability. However, if necessary, a rodent will gnaw through siding, wires, and sheetrock to get in. 

Most structural damage caused by rodents is in wiring or sheetrock. They’ll chew through electrical wires, which could cause major electrical damage, and even house fires, within your home. One broken wire could result in the need for an entire electrical rewiring. As if these damages weren’t enough, they can also inflict diseases on the people residing in these structures. The excrement they leave behind carries diseases that can easily transfer throughout the home. So not only do rodents harm your home, but they could also harm your family. 

How do you rid your home of rodents?

The easiest way to keep rodents out of your home is by ensuring the perimeter of your home is secure. You need to make sure there are no holes in your siding and that your roof shingles are secure. If you still find yourself with uninvited guests, the easiest thing to do is to set up traps. There are even humane traps available if you’d prefer to catch and release them. Unwanted house guests are the last thing you’d want in your home…trust us! 

How do they affect your food?

If a rodent gets into your kitchen, there could be major issues for you and your family. The most significant consequence of a rodent pantry invasion is disease. As mentioned above, rodents run rampant with diseases, and eating after them is probably the quickest way to catch one. You might think it isn’t a huge deal, but even eating from a cereal box that a rodent touched could inflict sicknesses.

A secondary way that rodents could affect your food is by targeting your supply. If you have a garden and use it to supplement your diet, rodents can significantly affect your harvest. Don’t let these pests waste your time, effort, and money! 

Overall, the presence of rodents in or around your property can affect much more of your life than you might think. They can cause direct damage to the most important things you need to survive. If you have been struggling with a rodent infestation, schedule an inspection it 855Bugs pest control service in Waco Texas, or Temple today! No one should have to share their home with a furry pest, especially if they aren’t paying rent! 

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