Flying Insects in Central Texas

Extreme closeup of a fly from the side perched on a bright green leaf.

Flying Insects in Central Texas—Lovebugs, Mosquitoes, Wasps, and Bees

Folks around Waco and Temple are used to dealing with flying insects. Our area is home to lovebugs, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, and many other flying pests. While some can pose a danger to residents, others are harmless. This blog post will discuss different types of flying insects found in central Texas, how to deal with them, and if your home or business needs pest control to manage them.


Lovebugs are a type of small fly that is found in central and southern Texas. If you live in Waco or Temple, you’ve likely seen a lovebug. They are black with reddish-orange on their backs, with female lovebugs measuring about 1/3 inch and males 1/4 inch. The name “Lovebug” is due to their emergence from the ground as adults when they mate in swarms. They will stay connected while mating for up to two to three days until the females lay their eggs, restarting the life cycle for the next generation just before their death. Mating typically happens in late spring or fall, soon after rainy periods.

Do lovebugs bite?

Lovebugs do not bite or sting. They do not transmit or carry any diseases. They positively impact the ecosystem by consuming nectar and spreading pollen from flowers, as do other pollinators. Their larvae feed on decaying material and plant matter, acting as natural recyclers. Pest control treatment is generally not needed to control their short lifespans.


Mosquitoes are perhaps the most well-known type of flying insect, and they are found throughout our region. Around the world, they present significant pest problems, as they spread numerous diseases. But in this area of Texas, it’s only the West Nile and Zika viruses that pose a threat. Because of this, it’s necessary to take steps to protect yourself from these blood-drinking bugs looking for a meal. Some simple tips include using mosquito repellent, keeping your arms and legs covered, and avoiding areas with stagnant water where mosquito populations are likely to breed, lay eggs, hatch, and feed.

How do you control mosquitoes?

The team at 855Bugs has been helping people in the Waco and Temple area manage mosquitoes for over ten years. We provide mosquito control for residential customers and commercial businesses in and around Temple and Waco. Our services can help protect you, your family, or your business from being overrun by these biting bugs. We’ll help determine which service or treatment is your best defense against these predators.


Wasps are another type of flying insect that is a common sight in this part of the state. There are several different types of wasps, including yellowjackets, hornets, and paper wasps. Wasps can be dangerous because they can sting humans, and some species can also sting pets. If you see a wasp nest, it is best to avoid it and contact 855Bugs. We are experts in pest control and can safely remove them from your home or business and help prevent them from returning.

Can people be allergic to wasps?

Some people do have severe reactions to wasp stings. Anaphylaxis is the most powerful response to a wasp sting. This occurs when your body goes into shock due to wasp venom. Most people who experience a potentially life-threatening reaction after a wasp sting do so rapidly. It’s critical to visit an expert right away if you are experiencing an allergic reaction. Businesses and homeowners should consider contacting our pest control service if there is evidence of wasp activity.


Bees play an important role in the ecosystem by pollinating plants. There are several different types of bees, including honey bees, bumblebees, and carpenter bees. They can also be dangerous because their stings can cause the same severe allergic reactions as wasps’. However, most species are not aggressive unless they feel threatened. If you see a beehive, it is best to avoid it and contact an exterminator.

Can bees be removed safely?

Yes, bees can be removed safely, but this is a job best left to professionals. Pest control does not always mean spraying large amounts of chemicals or pesticides all over the ground. We value the lives of our Waco and Temple residents and commercial businesses, so that means we do everything to make sure you are safe and that our environment is preserved for the future.

How can 855Bugs help?

While flying insects can be a nuisance or even deadly, they have a role in the ecosystem. By taking steps to protect yourself from them, you can reduce your risk of getting sick. In addition, we can help you identify potential issues before they happen and find the correct response for your situation. If you have any questions or need help dealing with a pest problem at your home or business in Waco, Temple, or surrounding areas, please contact 855Bugs for a free inspection. We are here to help!

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