Did you know?


There's a lot of them

If you added up all the termites on the planet, they’d weigh more than all the humans!


They're hungry little bugs

Termite colonies are always eating! 24/7, 365 days a year!


They can live longer than any other insect

Termite queens live longer than any other insect on the planet, old queens can live for up to 50 years!

There's lots of different termites

There’s over 2,700 different species of termites in the world.

Bed Bugs!

They have big appetites

Bed bugs eat blood (ew!), and they can ingest up to 7x their own body weight in a single feeding!

They are sneaky little pests

Bed bugs are not only small and hard to spot, but they have chemicals in their saliva (spit) that allow them to numb their prey’s skin when they feed!

They aren't big on moving

The average bed bug won’t move more than 30 ft. in its lifetime. They depend on their hosts to travel and aren’t able to jump or fly!


They adapt to schedules

Bed bugs won’t only come out at night! If the people they’re after sleep during the day, they’re more than happy to come out to feed in the light.

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