Termites Never Sleep.

They build their colonies 24 hours a day, seven days a week until they die.

A single colony of termites could eat the entire structure of your home within two years.

Unfortunately, homeowners often think their insurance will cover the cost of termite damage. Sadly, this is not usually the case.

A few different species inhabit Texas: winged termites, subterranean termites, and dry wood termites being the most prolific. Each of these can cause problems, and the best way to know if your home is safe is to have a professional inspection and reinspection every year.

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A good offense is the best defense.

Our Don’t Bug Me Plan protects your home year-round and keeps your family safe from the unnecessary cost of termite damage.

As a pest control company in the Waco and Temple area for over ten years, we know about active termite colonies and potential activity in your area before they have a chance to cause any considerable damage to your home.

Our pest control professionals are your best ally if you want to prevent termites from eating you out of your house and home.


Termite prevention and pest protection

Our Don’t Bug Me Plan is designed to provide our customers with a preventative approach to pests with quarterly treatments and inspections.

The best defense against termites is a strong offense.  Whenever you need us, we’re there.

With us on your side, we can identify any potential or active termites and determine the best way to treat them. So you can rest easy knowing we’re on the job protecting your home from pests and helping prevent termite infestations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



Schedule a free inspection with 855Bugs today!