Why is it important to have attic insulation?

Dark attic with insulation in exposed in the floor

Attic insulation acts as a buffer between your home and the temperatures of the outside world. In the winter, it keeps the heat that your heater produces inside your home. Without insulation, the warm air within your home would travel outside. Thus, you’d spend more money and energy keeping your home warm. In the summer, it works to contain the hot air caused by the outside temperature. This is why your attic can get extremely hot in the summer. If you go into your attic during the summer, it’s important that you spend little time up there to avoid overheating

Overall, without insulation, the temperature in your home would be almost the same as the temperature outside. So, extreme temperatures outside could cause extreme temperatures inside. In order to regulate these extreme temperatures, your air conditioning unit would have to work overtime, meaning attic insulation is one thing standing between you and outrageous electric bills. 

How long does it take for attic insulation to deteriorate?

Sometimes attic insulation can last up to 80 years. However, there are a number of factors that call for replacement.

Incorrect installation can make it almost pointless. If not installed correctly or efficiently, then it will not regulate the temperature well. It must be installed in a very particular way, or it will not function correctly, heat will escape, and your electric bill could skyrocket.

Insufficient amounts within your home are one of the more costly mistakes you can make as a homeowner. If you do not have enough within your home, your air conditioning will not easily regulate temperatures. A rule of thumb is that there should be two layers of insulation everywhere. If you inspect your attic and find that the layers of insulation are thin, you most likely need to replenish it. The easiest way to assess how much you need is by figuring out the total square feet of your attic. Once you’ve done that, you can search for an insulator calculator on the internet to get an estimate. These numbers are rough estimates, so it is best to get in touch with 855Bugs for a comprehensive quote.

Damage can cause harm to your home and family. Water and chemical damage can cause the dissolution of your insulation, thus allowing heat to escape. Depending on the type of damage, you could have breathing issues, skin irritation, and dry eyes.

Finally, outdated products can be the cause of the reinstallation. Older types of insulation, such as loose-fill Rockwool and vermiculite, have been proven to be less efficient than newer types. Older insulation has also been known to cause damage to your health, depending on the type. So, if you move into an older home, you should check the type of insulation you have. If it is outdated, you should probably get it replaced as it will save you money in the long run. 

How can old attic insulation affect your home?

As we discussed above, old attic insulation can not only cause your pocketbook to hurt but your health as well. Certain types have asbestos in them, a fibrous silicate mineral. Over time, this mineral has been known to cause serious diseases and, as a result, has stopped being used. Asbestos can live within your body for up to 40 years and will eventually cause illnesses. These illnesses include mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. The older your attic insulation, the more likely it contains asbestos. 

As if health issues were not daunting enough, dated insulation can directly affect the structural integrity of your home. If your insulation is old, it is likely that it is also patchy in places. These patches allow for outer threats to seep into your home. If there is no insulation to cover the wood structure of your home, the wood could eventually rot or crack. If enough of this wood structure were to degrade, then you would likely have a serious problem on your hands. Enough rot and deterioration would lead to an entire structural renovation, including your roof. This renovation could cost you thousands, so it’s important that you make sure your insulation is somewhat new and undamaged. Though attic insulation may seem frivolous, it truly makes all the difference in the world.

What are some benefits?

New attic insulation can have a myriad of monetary benefits. Not only will it keep your home temperature controlled, but it’ll lower the cost of your electric bill. If your home is better insulated, your air conditioning unit has less work to do, thus you can lengthen the life of your unit and use less electricity. 

If the type of insulation is ENERGY STAR certified, you will likely save even more money. ENERGY STAR certification pertains to the greenhouse gasses emitted from the product and its general environmental efficiency of it. Overall, it has been proven that properties with ENERGY STAR-certified products use 35% less energy on average than buildings not using ENERGY STAR-certified products. So, if you choose to replace with ENERGY STAR-certified products, you will save even more money every month.

As if you haven’t saved enough money already, you could even receive credits on your taxes for replacing your insulation. Depending on the time of year in which you replace your insulation, you could receive credits of 10% of material costs. 

If you believe you have damaged, insufficient, or dated insulation, call 855Bugs and schedule an inspection today. Our attic insulation is made of 85% recycled materials and is ENERGY STAR certified. We’d love to help you save money and protect your family! 

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