An 855Bugs exterminator is seen from the back walking towards his open service vehicle.In June of 2017, three of the largest pest management associations on the planet came together to declare June 6th as World Pest Day, in an international effort to raise awareness about the importance of pest management on a global scale. Regardless of where you’re from, pest control plays a vital role in protecting our modern way of life and is a critical part of public health. For these reasons, World Pest Day is an occasion to educate the general public about all the work pest management professionals put in on a daily basis to keep us all safe. This article will highlight a few of the many problems the folks at 855Bugs contend with on a daily basis and how doing so make Central Texas a safer place for all of us.

What is pest control?

Let’s start with defining what pest control means. Pests come in many shapes and sizes, and basically, any wildlife that can be considered undesirable or hazardous to the health and safety of humans falls under the umbrella of the word “pest.” Controlling these pests means keeping them out of places where they cause harm and reducing their numbers in an effort to prevent them from becoming a problem in our daily lives. Pests typically cause problems in one of three areas: health, food storage, and property damage.

Pest Control and Human Health

The silhouette of a man fishing is shown against a purple sky with flying insects all around.

Many common pests we deal with daily have a knack for carrying and transmitting bacteria and diseases that threaten our health.


One pest that any Texan can claim familiarity with is the mosquito. These flying insects are notorious vectors for disease, spreading viruses such as Zika and West Nile in recent years. The professionals at 855Bugs have cutting-edge resources that can help make sure you can safely enjoy your property without swatting or worrying about these bloodsuckers.

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are another well-known adversary here in Texas and have the capacity to spread many diseases. We recently covered how to protect your home and pets from these pests and encourage you to read up on what you can do to help prevent them from taking hold of your property.


Another insect that spreads bacteria and diseases is the dreaded cockroach. Without pest control experts like those at 855Bugs, we’d likely be sharing more of our homes than we’d like to with these pervasive insects.


Rodents are another concern that pest professionals keep from becoming a problem in our lives. Rodents spread diseases, but their greatest threat is to our food supply. Whether it’s any of the bugs we’ve discussed or other native insects like wasps, ants, termites, and spiders, the team at 855Bugs stands ready to help keep them from becoming a problem for your family.

Pest Control and Food

The dimly lit interior of a warehouse is stacked with large bags of grain and supply.

Did you know? Rodents are responsible for contaminating 20% of the world’s food supply each year. These furry little creatures are a nuisance in our homes and in our cupboards. When left unchecked, these critters can ruin tons of food we depend on to survive.

They spread zoonotic diseases with their urine and droppings. They threaten spoilage by gnawing through packaging materials. Without the nearly 20,000 pest control companies across the U.S., our food supply would be compromised by mice and rats.

Cockroaches also threaten food storage in our homes and commercial areas. Sleep better knowing that companies like 855Bugs are working to keep them from spreading foodborne illness.

Flies are another nuisance pest that we may not consider a threat. These insects spread disease and threaten contamination across the country. There’s a reason that pest management is considered a necessity in food manufacturing and storage facilities. We should be thankful that advances in methods and the experience of pest control professionals help us keep our food supply safe and plentiful.

Pests and Property

A classic red brick home is shown against mature, tall trees at sunrise.

Your home should be a sanctuary. A place you feel safe, a place you love and take care of. There’s a range of pests that can take away peace of mind.

Termites are the first danger that comes to mind in relation to our homes. They can do damage with little to no awareness of the homeowner. It’s important to keep this in mind, as prevention always costs much less than the work it takes to repair the damage.

While they may not decimate the structure of your home like termites, carpenter ants are also a threat. A well-rounded pest management strategy can help prevent them from eating away at your home.

Bugs like silverfish and carpet beetles can ruin anything fibrous in your home.

Bed bugs are another threat. These pests multiply quickly and can make a home uninhabitable in weeks. In the United States, we have seen a resurgence in bed bug infestations over the last 20 years. It takes a professional approach to remove them.

All of these examples speak to the importance of enlisting a professional pest management company when to protect your home.

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An 855Bugs pest control expert points toward the exterior of a red house while smiling.While far from exhaustive, this article should give you a good idea of why pest control is such an essential service in today’s world. If you are looking for help in preventing pests schedule a FREE inspection.

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