Navigating Texas’ Pestscape– Understanding Common Intruders in Your Home

Welcome to the vast world of Texas pests, where invaders come in all shapes and sizes. Today, we delve into the world of general pests, those versatile nuisances that often find their way into homes across the Lone Star State. Learn about ants, stinging insects, and...

Mosquito Hawk

The Myths of the Mosquito Hawk The mosquito hawk is a large, flying insect commonly mistaken for a mosquito. Despite its name, the mosquito hawk is actually a crane fly. It's probably gotten a bad rap because it looks like a giant version of its distant cousin. There...

The House Fly: How Long Do Flies Live? 

The House Fly: How Long Do Flies Live? You may have heard that the common housefly has an incredibly brief life. There are plenty of rumors that these small insects have lifespans of 24 hours or less, but those are just rumors. These flies live long, productive,...

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