Flies, Flying Insects, and What In The World To Do About Them

A graphic of a closeup of a fly's eyes.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Forrest Gump, you’ve heard Bubba’s list of shrimp centric dishes. Well, Texas is a bit like that when it comes to flying insects. You’ll find the common house fly – and not just in your house. We’ve got house flies, deer flies, horse flies, blow flies, fruit flies, flesh flies (as the name implies, they lay eggs in decaying meat and carrion),  cluster flies, stable flies, dobsonflies, fireflies (we like those), robber flies, soldier flies, and well, the list goes on. That’s not to mention gnats and the rest of the no-see-ums. Mosquitos fall under the same umbrella, but that’s for another post. We know they’re annoying – but how much of a threat are these flies? What can we do to keep them at bay, and where does 855Bugs come in? Keep reading to find out.

A Few Fly Facts

  • An extreme closeup of a fly from the side against a dark background.There are over 16,000 fly species in North America.
  • Flies have taste receptors on their legs.
  • House flies live on a liquid diet.
  • House flies typically vomit or defecate each time they land.
  • Flies have no teeth, eating with a straw like tongue called a proboscis.
  • Flies are mainly active during the day.
  • Flies have compound eyes and can see what’s behind them.


Fly Control and Why It Matters

The greatest risk a large fly population brings is the spreading and transmission of disease. When you pass a fly infested trash can or a see flies on other nasty surfaces, it’s because they’re either feeding off of it or breeding onto it. It’s in these environments that they often pick up bacteria such as E. coli or Salmonella. These are bacterias they can spread to us, our food, our eating areas, and many other areas we strive to keep clean. Diseases spread by flies range from common illnesses to more serious and sometimes fatal conditions. Flies are more than a nuisance pest and should be regarded as such. Flies have been known to spread and cause multiple kinds of illnesses and infections, from salmonella to dysentery and cholera.

How To Prevent Flies, How 855Bugs Can Help

A single black fly sits on the edge of a blade of green grass.Fly troubles can often be avoided by keeping your home and property free from the kind of places and materials flies (and many other pests) love – but sometimes that just isn’t enough. That’s where professionals like the folks at 855Bugs come in. We know what to look for and how to find it quickly. We’ll also help make sure flies don’t have easy ways to get inside your home, and we’ll help you identify places on your property that may be attractive to flies and other pests. We’re knowledgeable and highly trained on liquid and aerosol insecticide application, baits, and various kinds of traps that can help maintain fly populations. No matter the pest problem, 855Bugs has a solution. We are always available, 24/7, 365 days a year. The ‘Don’t Bug Me Plan’ offers year-round pest protection and peace of mind for a reasonable price. So if you’ve got a flying insect problem, you know who to turn to.

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