Termites On Tour

Termites can live in your home for years before anyone notices the thousands of dollars worth of damage. Unfortunately, most insurance won’t cover the damage.  Knowledge is the key to termite prevention. Regular termite inspections save property owners billions in property damage. 

855Bugs also offers WDI’s (Wood Destroying Insect Inspections) complete an extended and renewable warranty that covers termite treatment costs for up to one year. 

Building a home? Texas law mandates that all residential and commercial construction projects incorporate preventative measures against termites. 855Bugs makes those measures easier with our Pre-Construction Termite Prevention Services.

Termites on Tour brings music and termites together in a playlist. Through catchy songs, the 855Bugs team seeks to educate you on the facts of termite prevention so you be empowered to protect your property. So join us on the tour and let’s make sure your home is safe from termites! As we dance and sing along, we’ll learn the basics of termite prevention while having fun. Let’s get ready to rock with Termites on Tour!

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855Bugs has been helping people in the Waco and Temple area manage termites and other pests for over ten years. Schedule an inspection online or give us a call. Together we will eliminate any termite threat to your home.

Termite Facts below ↓


Close up of several termites feeding on rotten wood

Termites Never Sleep

Worker termites build their colonies 7 days a week, 24 hours a day until they die.

A dirt termite tube is seen in the corner of a structure's foundation.

Termites Prefer Moisture

Termites like to live where there is plenty of moisture; water-damaged wood structures are their favorite

A dirt termite castle is seen on short gray carpet.

Termites Can Go Undetected For Years

Termite damage can take three to five years to become visible to the untrained eye.

Flying Ants scavenging on the ground

Termites Have Large Families

Up to 1 million termites can live in a single colony.

Construction of a home in the framing stage

The Only Way To Know Your Home Is Safe From Termites...

The only way to know your home is safe from termites is to verify it with a trained eye.

The domestic decorative rat looks out of the wooden lodge

Termite Queens Lay A LOT of eggs

Termite queens lay an average of 30,000 eggs per day for 25-50 years, many of which become workers to continue colony expansion.

Construction of a building in the foundation stage

Termites Eat More Than Wood

Termites eat anything containing cellulose, a.k.a anything made from plant materials like cotton shirts, shoes, and carpets.

two small termites are shown at the end of a rotted piece of wood.

Central Texas Termite Swarms Start Early

Texas termites start swarming around February or March. That’s much sooner than the typical swarms that happen in late summer. The early swarms are caused by Texas’ warm climate coupled with frequent rains, that occur during late winter and early spring.

Two termites feasting on a home in their termite nest

You Won't Find Termites In Alaska

Termites prefer warm climates. You won’t catch them vacationing in fridged areas.

Don't bug me plan does not include termite control.

Worker Termites Move On Instinct

Worker termites are blind. They move based on instinct… 120 Million years worth of instinct.

Termites On Tour in Waco TX

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