The Importance of Pest and Flea Control for Pets

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Warmer weather is something to be celebrated in Texas, with blue skies and budding wildflowers beckoning us outside. It’s a time for families to enjoy themselves under the sun. For many of us, dogs and cats are part of that family. Our animals are loved, and we do everything we can to keep them healthy. 

Our pets can be affected by pests of many shapes and sizes. One of the pests that threaten your pets and home is fleas. There are a few ways to prevent fleas. We’ll go through how to spot fleas and give a few pointers on how to prevent them from ever becoming a problem. 

Signs of a Flea Infestation

For a small pest, fleas sure can cause a lot of headaches. Not only do they bite and cause your pets all kinds of irritation. They also have the potential to spread disease and worms. Your pet can suffer from fleas without you ever seeing one, but there are a few different things to watch for when wondering if your furry friend is dealing with a pest problem.

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•Higher than average bouts of scratching and itching
•‘Fleeing’ or nibbling at their fur and skin
•Hair loss, scabs, irritated skin
•Light specks (flea eggs) and dark specks (flea droppings) in fur

How to get rid of fleas

If you spot fleas on your pets, it is recommended to bathe them with a flea and tick shampoo (Dawn dishwashing soap will work in a pinch). A flea comb can come in handy as well. Make sure to lather your animal up well and let the soap rest a moment to ensure effectiveness.

Often if you see fleas on your pets, it’s likely that there are fleas in your home. Without the help of pest control professionals like 855Bugs, fleas can be difficult to eradicate in a home.

How to prevent a feal infestation

Like many areas of pest control, it’s a situation that is best avoided with a well-rounded pest management method. For fleas, this includes keeping your pets on flea and tick preventatives. These medications don’t necessarily prevent fleas from hitching a ride on your animals, but they will ensure that they don’t reproduce on them and further the infestation.

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Keep your property free of the kinds of habitats these pests love. Fleas and Ticks thrive in tall grass, so keeping your property mowed and maintained can help keep them from setting up shop – this will also help prevent many of the other common Texas pests from finding a home on your property.

Try not to overwater and clear your property of organic matter. Moisture is an invitation for fleas and their pesky friends. Many of them love the shade, moisture, and decomposing matter.

It is helpful to stay hygienic when it comes to your furniture, flooring, and bedding. Wash your pet’s bedding as often as you do your own, and keep fibrous flooring clean with regular vacuuming. Do what you can to make sure your couch cushions are free from hair and debris. Avoid piling up clothing or bedding in closets and other often ignored areas.

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Schedule your FREE Flea Inspection

So, you keep your pets on preventative meds, maintain a well-manicured yard, and keep your home in immaculate condition – but you still find fleas! You wouldn’t be the first or the last – but it can be the last time you deal with fleas if you round out your pest management program with help from the folks at 855Bugs. No pest control strategy is complete without the help of an experienced and professional pest control technician, and you won’t find any more helpful and knowledgeable than the folks at 855Bugs. They will help you keep not only your home but your yard free from these little pests, and you can be sure your family and furry best friends will thank you for it. Contact 855Bugs today for a free inspection!

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