Why You Should Schedule Your Fall Home Maintenance Services Now

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September 22nd marked the autumn equinox, our calendar’s way of reminding us that fall is upon us and winter is coming. Although we typically see a downtrend in outdoor pests with the arrival of cooler weather, we all know the bugs have to go somewhere. Oftentimes, that is somewhere in our home. From attics to garages, entryways and windows – pests tend to find their way in. So, what can you do to prevent your home from becoming the overwinter hotel for warmth-seeking pests? Your best option is to get ahead of these pests and schedule your fall pest control services now!

Common Overwintering Pests

A good number of pests change lifecycles with the arrival of winter. They find ways to get around cold temperatures without finding cozy spots such as your home. We’re thankful they do that, but there are plenty of pests that aren’t so considerate.


A close up side view of a mouse or rat on the sidewalkThe prime example of pests that won’t think twice about finding their way into your home are rodents like rats and mice. These little mammals look for the warmth, food, and shelter your home provides. They can enter through the smallest of spaces, and, once they do, they can wreak havoc inside your walls. Their habit of leaving droppings and urine everywhere they go spreads disease. This can make your family members and pets vulnerable to the illnesses they spread.


These colonizing insects are quick to sense dropping temperatures. They’ll often send out scouts to find better habitats for their queen. This can be beneath your house, your foundation, or even within your walls. You won’t want to share your spaces with these biting pests, nor will you be happy with them burrowing their way under your slab and the potential problems that can bring.

Asian Lady Beetles

These little beetles have made their presence a common theme in many areas. They crawl into crevices and cracks around the walls of your home in hopes of spending the winter somewhere warmer. They tend to leave behind yellowish fluids that can stain your walls. Unlike our native ladybugs, if they land on you, they can bite and cause allergic reactions.

Boxelder and Stink Bugs

Often seen emerging from their hiding spots on warmer winter days, these bugs have a habit of finding warm places, and this can often lead to them invading your home. Although Boxelders are little more than nuisance pests and pose no threat to humans or crops, stink bugs are well known for the stench they emit when smashed. They’re even better known by farmers and gardeners for destroying gardens, crops, and many types of trees. The best way to avoid their stench is to let pest professionals like the technicians at 855Bugs protect your home year round!

An extreme closeup of a fly from the side against a dark background.Flies

These buzzing pests seem to know just when to position themselves in entryways to make entry to your home and can enter through the tiniest of spaces. It’s typical to find them sunning on the south and west-facing walls and windows of your home on warmer winter days.


Although most types of termites become a bit less active in cooler temperatures, truly cold temperatures drive them further into the ground beneath the frost line in their attempt to survive. This means making deeper cavities beneath your foundation and surviving winter to return with a vengeance come spring. The best way to keep your home from being vulnerable to these pests is to maintain an effective pest control regimen from professionals you can trust. If you suspect termites are making a meal out of your home, schedule a FREE inspection with 855Bugs to eradicate them for good.

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What’s the best way to avoid having to deal with these overwintering pests? The experts at 855Bugs can help you survey your home and property to take measures to best keep bugs out. Our Don’t Bug Me Plan provides year-round peace of mind from the harmful problems that pests can inflict, and we guarantee our work and your family’s safety. When the stakes are high, trust 855Bugs!

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