The carpet beetle. Aptly named, as it enjoys a carpet (and the hair of the animals that walk on it). This beetle also enjoys leather, silk, fur, feathers—anything with a high protein content. They are tiny and don many colors from white, green, black, and many mixes in-between. The beetles themselves are not as intrusive as the larvae they lay. Surprisingly, the larvae is larger than the adult beetle, coming in at nearly twice the size. These larvae are ringed, typically a lighter brown color and can be covered in bristle like hairs. Once they find their way into your home, these critters damage all sorts of upholstery, from organic to synthetic materials. The best way to prevent carpet beetles is to prevent them from entering your home. Make sure your doors and windows are well sealed, and walk the exterior walls of your home at least once a season to ensure no gaps or holes have developed. Regular cleaning of your home will help to prevent the bugs from taking root. If you find carpet beetle larvae in your house, you can begin by sanitizing your home and limiting the materials these pests feed off of.  If these pests prove too much, you can always contact 855Bugs for a free inspection. We’d be happy to help you get rid of these pests quickly and safely.


**Photo courtesy of AJC1.

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