The silverfish isn’t a fish, but it does have scales. Grey to light blue with a hint of brown, this bug travels across Texas with lengthy antennae and tails. These bugs love starch. Their species name is saccharina—or sweet. Like many bugs, they prefer humid environments, preferring temperatures in the same ranges we do. Silverfish continuously molt and can do so over 60 times in their 2-3 year lifespan. On top of raiding your pantry, these bugs will eat and stain all sorts of fabric. It’s recommended to store any paper good likes book or magazines in plastic, because if this bug finds it, they’ll do serious damage. Good prevention strategy like minimizing moisture points around the home and reducing clutter can go a long way, but if you find yourself inundated by these scale backed bugs, we can help you get them out and prevent them from coming back. Contact us today about our Don’t Bug Me Plan and a free inspection.

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